Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, 2017, Pages 4-121 
Gill parasites of some wild and cultured marine fish in Egypt

Pages 4-14

Nisreene E. Mahmoud; Waheed M. Mousa; Mai M. Abouwarda; Eman S. Hasanin

Further studies on Cymothoid isopods of some fish species from lake Qarun, Egypt

Pages 15-24

Nisreene E. Mahmoud; Azza M. Abd Elwahab; Mai M. Abouwarda; Marwa S. Khattab; Reem M. Ramadan

Gastrointestinal nematodes infections in ruminants: Prevalence and Anthelmintic efficacy

Pages 38-54

Nahla H. Sallam; Asmaa Z. Assasa; Amal K. Elgayar; Ahmed Anwar Abd- ElAal

Studies on the Prevailing Parasitic Diseases in Some Marine Fishes

Pages 64-77

Ismail A. Eissa; Maather M. El-lamie; Salah M. Aly; Nahla H. Sallam