Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability of cefotaxime in broiler chickens

Document Type : Original Article


Departement of Pharmacology,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Menoufia University.


After a single intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) injection in broiler chickens, the disposition kinetic profile of cefotaxime was explored. Cefotaxime was administered at 10 mg / kg b.wt dose level for both routes. The serum cefotaxime concentrations estimated at 0.08 h were 47.06 μg / ml after IV injection, which gradually decreased and cefotaxime was identified up to 12 h (0.88 μg / ml). In broiler chickens, the average values of Cltot, Vdss and T0.5 βof cefotaxime were 0.09 L kg-1 h-1, 0.38 L kg-1and 2.49 h. The highest serum concentration (Cmax) after IM injection was (22.21 ± 2.03 μg / ml), the maximum serum concentration period (tmax) was (1.16 ± 0.11h) and the half-life of elimination (T0.5 el) was (3.24 ± 0.31h). Bioavailability after IM injection was 84.27%, and in vitro protein binding percent was 28.79 %. A recommended IM dosage for cefotaxime in broiler chickens would be 10 mg / kg b.wt., administered intramuscularly at 12 h intervals, providing a therapeutic serum concentration in broiler chickens exceeding the MIC ≤ 0.5 μg/ml for most sensitive bacterial pathogens in broiler chickens.