Prevalence of cystic echinococcosis in Egyptian donkeys.

Document Type : Original Article


Parasitology Departement,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,Zagazig University


The present study detected the prevalence rate of hydatid cysts in different organs of 103 donkeys at Giza Zoo in Egypt during the period that extended from October, 2016 to September, 2017. The overall prevalence rate of hydatid cysts was 15.53%, with the majority of cysts (87.50%) found in the liver, followed by the mixed infection of lung and liver (12.50%). The majority of the cysts (56.89%) were fertile, and (40.72%) were sterile, while (2.40%) were calcified. Considering number of fertile cyst, (66) of mixed type lung and liver cysts were fertile compared to (29) of liver cysts. It was found that the prevalence rate of hydatid cysts was higher in female donkeys than in male and in old age donkeys with no cases in young to adult age ones.