Some internal parasites of reptiles in Alexandria Province,Egypt.

Document Type : Original Article


1 Departement of Parasitology,Animal Health Research Institute,Alexandria Lab.

2 Parasitology Departement, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,Alexandria University


For the time being, a growing number of exotic reptiles are kept as pets. Pet reptiles are often infected with parasites, some of which are potentially dangerous to humans. A total of 115 samples from reptile species (Wedge-Snouted skink, African Chameleon, Egg eating snake and Egyptian tortoise) were collected for examination. The results indicated that (48.7%) out of 115 infected with internal parasites .A wide range of internal parasites were detected including  nematodes, cestodes and protozoa. Wedge-snouted skink showed the highest infection rate where it reached 82.3%, followed by African Chameleon (51.5%), Egg eating snake (23%) and Egyptian tortoise (22.7%). Various parasites were detected including Strongylid eggs, Spirurid eggs, Heterakid eggs, Oxyurid eggs, eggs of mites, Nyctotherus cysts, Cryptosporidium oocysts, Thelandros spp., Parapharyngodon spp., Raillietascarisvarani, Physaloptera tupinambae, Meteterakis saotomensis and Oochoristica spp.These results revealed that a routine parasitological examination should be done in such animals.