Serodiagnosis of schistosomiais: IHA test as field, routine, easy and quick approach

Document Type : Original Article


1 Parasitology Departement,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,Alexandria University

2 Animal Hygiene and Zoonoses Departement,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,Alexandria University


    Schistosomiasis is a global infectious disease that endangers human health as well as it impairs the socioeconomic development. The most prevalent species of Schistosoma in Egypt are S.mansoni and S.haematobium. Nevertheless, the traditional parasitological methods still the gold standard methods for detection of schistosomiasis; it was encountered by several obstacles. Therefore, the emerging of the need for more sensitive technique became a must. So, this study tried to put light on IHA test to be used as field, easy, quick, quantitative and cheap test, in addition to give a simple insight about the epidemiological state of the parasites in the area of study. IHA test was found to be very useful in clinical and epidemiological setting.  As well as IHA test is potentially helpful in diagnosis of disease in endemic area in condition of knowing the history of patient. During the current survey the statistical analysis (Chi-square test) revealed very high significance of infection in older persons than younger one where the P